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To afford a car-free holiday in TuscanyFrench and Belgian holidaymakers can rent a villa or apartment for their stay. These vacation rentals allow them to explore the region's towns and villages without having to hit the road... if you're at least a little prepared!

Rent a villa or apartment in a region rich in tourist activities

In Tuscany, villas and apartments for rent are varied and can suit different tastes and budgets. Holidaymakers can find luxury villas with private gardens, swimming pools and spectacular views of the Tuscan hills. But if you don't have a car, you'll also need to consider whether your vacation rentals are in an area with a well-developed range of tourist activities. When looking for a vacation rental, travelers need to take into account the activities to be enjoyed and the distances between the sites to be visited. Some establishments are located close to the main tourist cities, such as Florence and Pisa. Others are located in small villages on the edge of the hills, or close to the beaches of the Tuscan coast. In short, opt for rentals close to the cities if you're keen to visit museums and historic buildings... or a seaside rental if all you want to do is laze on the beach 🙂

Tuscany without a car

Getting around Tuscany by train

Tuscany's rail network is relatively well-developed, allowing travelers to move between towns by train - a real alternative to the car. The main lines run between major cities such as Florence, Pisa and Siena. Timetables and fares are available on the websites of major rail companies such as Trenitalia

Tourists can also purchase regional passes for unlimited travel during their stay in Tuscany. Tickets are valid for all trains and buses in the region, and allow passengers to make significant savings on their travels. When renting, you'll need to make sure you're close to a train station or public transport network. We have devoted an article to public transport costs in Tuscanydon't forget to take a look!

Explore Tuscany by bike, with your own or a rental bike!

The towns and villages of Tuscany are relatively flat, making them ideal for cycling. Of course, the hills are never far away... but discovering the Tuscany by bike will be a far cry from the athletic challenge of a holiday in the Alps! In major cities, travelers can rent bicycles to explore monuments and tourist attractions. Many Tuscan villages also offer bike rentals. Tourists can indulge in bike rides along small country roads, between olive groves and vineyards. As cyclists, you can also take advantage of the many trails and dirt roads to explore the region.

Beautiful landscapes seen from a bike

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Whatever your means of transport, you will better enjoy the Tuscan landscapes

The towns and villages of Tuscany offer the ideal setting for relaxing vacations and outdoor activities. The region is home to hundreds of historical monuments and spectacular landscapes that can be visited without having to hit the road. By train, bus, on a motorcycle or bike, you're sure to get the most out of them. You can stroll through the narrow streets of Tuscan villages, discover historic monuments and sample local delicacies. Nature lovers can also enjoy the region's forests, hills and beaches... without having to worry about traffic jams or speed limits!

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