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Are you looking for the ideal place for a relaxing vacation, full of finesse, luxury and voluptuousness? Why not opt for a luxury villa in Tuscany? Tuscany is famous for its breathtaking scenery, its gastronomy, its rich history and culture, and its top-quality wines. Rent a luxury villa in Tuscany may be the best option for discovering all that this region of Italy has to offer.

Discover our vacation rentals in Tuscany at the best prices, direct from the owner:

Why Rent a Luxury Villa in Tuscany?

In addition to apartments and shared rentals, the villa rentals in Tuscany offer an unforgettable vacation experience for tourists from all over the world. Tuscany is famous for its green hills, vineyards, olive groves and historic towns rich in art and culture. Visit luxury villas are generally located in picturesque, peaceful settings, offering uninterrupted views of the surrounding countryside and an outstanding level of quality. Our luxury villas are equipped with all modern comforts and often feature private swimming pools, well-kept gardens and terraces overlooking the Tuscan hills.

The advantages of renting a luxury villa in Tuscany

By renting a luxury villa in Tuscany, you can enjoy many advantages. Firstly, you can experience authentic Tuscan life by staying in a traditional villa. Luxury villas also offer more privacy and tranquility compared to hotels or ordinary vacation rentals. You can enjoy the comfort of private accommodation while being close to all the sights of Tuscany. You can also enjoy exclusive facilities such as private swimming pools, well-kept gardens and panoramic terraces without having to share your deckchair with a stranger.

A host of exclusive activities in the region

The region abounds in luxury activities to enhance your stay in a luxury villa in Tuscany. Golf, Vespa tours, truffle hunting, learning exclusive recipes with a Michelin-starred chef... these are just some of the ideas we'll be exploring in detail:

Golf in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of Italy's most popular regions for golf enthusiasts. The region is famous for its world-class golf courses, designed by some of the world's finest golf architects. You can play on courses with panoramic views of the green Tuscan hills, enjoying a mild, sunny climate all year round. Some of Tuscany's finest golf courses include Golf Club Castelfalfi, Poggio dei Medici Golf Club and Montecatini Golf Club.

Boat or Jet Ski rental in Tuscany

For those looking for exciting water-based activities, Tuscany offers unique jet ski rental options. Take in the beauty of the Tuscan coastline and surrounding islands while enjoying the power and speed of these state-of-the-art machines, in complete privacy without having to stay in the mass activities. Jet ski rentals are available in many of Tuscany's harbors and marinas, with affordable rates for hours of nautical pleasure. Another unforgettable luxury activity in Tuscany.

Unusual experiences in Tuscany

Tuscany also offers a range of unusual experiences for those looking to get off the beaten track. You can explore the region by Vespaand discover hidden historical sites. You can also take part in truffleLearn to hunt truffles with experienced local hunters. Culinary experiences are also popular in Tuscany, with cooking classes given by renowned chefs to teach you the secrets of traditional Tuscan cuisine.

The Best Luxury Villas in Tuscany

There are many luxury villas in Tuscany, each with its own unique charm and benefits. The most popular villas are located in the Chianti region, in the historic city of Siena or near Florence, the capital of Tuscany. Luxury villas in the Chianti region offer spectacular views of vineyards and rolling green hills, while those in Siena offer an authentic experience of medieval Italian life. Luxury villas near Florence offer easy access to the city's famous museums and art galleries.

Discover our vacation rentals in Tuscany at the best prices, direct from the owner:

How much does a luxury home in Tuscany cost?

On average, for a villa for 4 people, you should count on a budget of 1600eur to 3000eur per week. For a comfortable villa with a swimming pool, you will have to count at least 2000eur per week for 4 people. However, we have beautiful villas that are around 8 to 9000 eur per week.

Here is an average price list for the luxury villas with pool that we rent in Tuscany (6 persons):

PeriodAverage price per week
January to March1800 eur
April to June2050 eur
July to September (high season)3400 eur
October to December1900 eur

Renting a luxury villa in Tuscany may seem like an option reserved for the rich and famous, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There are in fact a wide variety of luxury villas available at affordable rates for discerning travelers. Rates for a luxury villa in Tuscany vary according to many factors, such as location, size, amenities and time of year.


The location of a luxury villa in Tuscany is one of the most important factors determining the price. Villas located in popular towns and villages, such as Florence, Siena and San Gimignano, are generally more expensive than those in less touristy areas. Villas by the sea or in the mountains are also generally more expensive than those inland.

Size and equipment

The size and amenities of a luxury villa in Tuscany can also affect the price. Larger villas, with more bedrooms and more living space, are generally more expensive than smaller villas. Villas equipped with a private swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, hammam or sap, tennis court, gym or home cinema can also command higher rates than villas without these facilities.

Season of the year

We don't need to remind you that the season has a huge influence on the price of rentals, whatever their size or standing. In Tuscany, the high season is between June and September, with a peak in August. Prices (and availability!) can soar and quickly double or triple at these times. Bear in mind that Tuscany has a really pleasant climate, and it's not always necessary to go there in July/August to enjoy a comfortable villa. Also, the duration of your rental at this time will often be limited. from Saturday to Saturday... forcing you to take a full week. Finally, note that European holidays and school vacations obviously influence prices: Carnival will generally be 30% more expensive than the weeks before or after; Christmas seamine is often almost the same price as the high season!

In short, renting a luxury villa in Tuscany is a wise choice for a luxurious and relaxing vacation. Luxury villas in Tuscany offer a unique vacation experience, with magnificent surroundings, privacy and maximum comfort. There are many luxury villas to choose from, each offering its own unique benefits and features. Whether you're looking for a traditional or modern living experience, a luxury villa in Tuscany will fulfill your wildest dreams of luxury.

Discover our vacation rentals in Tuscany at the best prices, direct from the owner:

Discover our vacation rentals in Tuscany at the best prices, direct from the owner:

Frequently asked questions :

Why should I rent a luxury villa in Tuscany rather than a hotel?

Renting a luxury villa in Tuscany offers advantages you won't find in a hotel. You'll have more space, more privacy, and a more authentic experience of local culture and cuisine. Villas are often located in quiet, secluded spots, with breathtaking views of the Tuscan landscape. You can also enjoy private facilities, such as a swimming pool, garden, fully equipped kitchen, and service staff at your disposal.

What are the advantages of staying in this type of luxury property rather than cheaper vacation accommodation?

Choosing to stay in a luxury villa in Tuscany is a choice of quality. Luxury villas offer higher standards of comfort, amenities, design and service. As such, you can expect a more relaxed, comfortable and luxurious vacation. Luxury villas also offer a more complete vacation experience, as they are often located in more exclusive areas and offer easy access to quality activities, such as cooking classes, wine tastings and cultural excursions.

What are the most popular places to rent a luxury villa in this region?

The most popular places to rent a luxury villa in Tuscany are the most picturesque and historic areas, such as the Chianti region, the Tuscan hills, the Siena region, the city of Florence and the Val d'Orcia region. These areas are prized for their natural beauty, cultural richness, historical heritage and local gastronomy.

How far in advance should I book my rental?

It is advisable to book your luxury villa in Tuscany several months in advance to guarantee the availability of your choice of villa. Luxury villas in Tuscany are in high demand, especially during peak periods such as the summer months. By booking in advance, you can also benefit from special offers and price reductions.

What are the typical services and facilities I can expect to find in this type of accommodation?

Luxury villas in Tuscany offer a variety of services and facilities to meet all your needs. These can include a swimming pool, garden, terrace, fully equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms, full-time service staff, regular cleaning service, Wi-Fi connection, air conditioning, barbecue, gym and even a sauna or hammam in some cases. Luxury villas are also equipped with modern electronics, such as flat-screen TVs, audio systems and high-end kitchen appliances. What's more, many luxury villa owners offer additional services, such as private chefs, cooking classes, massages and guided tours of the area.

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