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Your choice of accommodation depends solely on your tastes and budget. With agritourism, it's easy to find the ideal formula for an authentic stay.

What type of accommodation to choose for agritourism in Tuscany?

Agritourism B&Bs

Let's start with self-catering cottages, highly prized for their charming nature. An agritourism gîte (often located on a farm, but not necessarily) allows you to :

  • Live like it's your home;
  • Better integrate into your new environment ;
  • Benefit from an exceptional setting with top-quality facilities.
  • enjoy a body of water or a swimming pool

Self-catering cottages are out-of-the-ordinary accommodations that have nothing to envy from hotels. They are fully-furnished apartments or houses placed at your disposal, more specifically here in the countryside. They're ideal if you're traveling with your family or a large group of friends. If you're a couple, the gîte is also perfect for enjoying nature in complete privacy. If you're looking for a cottage in TuscanyIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You'll enjoy comfortable rooms and less industrialized catering solutions. Some agritourism gîtes have private gardens, swimming pools or terraces. In a gîte, the owners establish direct contact with their guests. This creates a very friendly atmosphere. They can also act as guides, showing you the local customs and traditions.

Agritourismo in Tuscany with swimming pool

Guest rooms

The bed & breakfast are also conducive to human contact. The sheer number of guests means you can quickly make new friends. You can spend quality time in tree houses or teepees in the garden. You benefit from quality services such as clean rooms and home-cooked meals.

A wide range of modern facilities are available, including a swimming pool, wellness center and play areas. In the off-season, you can take advantage of a wide range of activities to discover Tuscany and enjoy a fun, original vacation.

Camping on a farm

Unlike gîtes on a farm or close to a farm, camping on a farm is the ideal method if you're looking for peace and quiet and communion with nature and the farming world. (mainly olive oil and vineyards). Agrotourism camping lets you enjoy a pleasant stay as independently as possible. During your stay at the farm, You can rent pitches for your tent or caravan. Sanitary facilities and electricity are available in accordance with current standards. In addition, activities can be planned for children to relax, discover animals and have fun.

What to do in agritourismo in Tuscany?

Tuscany has a rich and varied agricultural heritage. Agritourism (or agritourismo in Italian ;-)) in this region is rich in emotions, but also in tastings.

Explore the region

Staying in Tuscany in a spirit of agritourism allows you to be closer to the inhabitants of the place. Apart from this local aspect, you can quickly reach the big cities of Tuscany. You can discover Florence and Siena without difficulty. Other charming small towns around will attract you.

Along the way, you'll have time to take in the wonderful natural beauty of the Chianti Classico hills. Green hills and famous vineyards are just some of the attractions. It's even possible to stay in an agriturismo setting that's both close to the sea and immersed in the countryside.

Wine tasting by the pool

Tuscany is known for its wine produced in a lush environment. During your agritourism experience, you can take up residence on a wine estate, particularly common in the Chianti region. This will enable you to get in touch with the winemakers and taste local wine and produce close to you. With your glass in hand, at theshade for a pergolaHere, you can admire the scenery or enjoy unique moments of relaxation and tasting around the pool. If you're a couple, an evening for two around the pool after a day discovering the local agricultural know-how will be invigorating. Watching the lights dance in the water is an experience not to be missed.

Rental house in Tuscany (95617)

Spend original moments on a farm in a rural setting

Are you tired of vacations spent in a sunny location without really enjoying your stay? If so, you'll find the perfect accommodation atfarmhouse in Tuscany with swimming pool. You'll be able to immerse yourself in the social practices, customs and culture of the region, such as the Festival Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence, dedicated to classical music... the art and charming little streets of Siena, the cuisine and wine of Chianti, which you'll enjoy visiting. It's a whole new experience that has nothing to do with your everyday life.

You'll experience the Italian way of life and discover the culinary specialties of Tuscany. The most popular dishes are based on game, pasta and vegetables... all washed down with olive oil from the nearby olive groves. After tasting, you can take a stroll through the rolling countryside or hike up a mountain to enjoy postcard-perfect panoramic views. For more information, visit thetuscany tourism office.

Now you know the advantages offarmhouse in Tuscany with pool. All you have to do is choose the type of accommodation that suits you best for an extraordinary stay. It will be a unique experience in the countryside.

What is an agriturismo or agriturismo?

An agritourism or agriturismo is a form of tourism in Italy where guests stay and eat right next to or on a farm. Guests can take part in activities related to agriculture and horticulture, such as picking fruit and vegetables, raising animals, making food products and visiting fields. Guests can also take part in recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, guided tours and excursions... or simply enjoy a "normal" vacation in a bucolic country setting.

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