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Tuscany is one of Italy's most popular destinations. Its verdant landscapes magnificent holiday villas and its gastronomy are the stuff of dreams for many French holidaymakers. However, the budget can sometimes be an obstacle to the desire to stay in this region... not to mention all the other hidden costs (transport, restaurants, museums...). our dossier on the total cost of a trip to Tuscany).

That's why we've compiled all our tips for rent a villa in Tuscany and enjoy your stay to the full.

Make a concession on location, the cheapest trick in the book

If you want to find a cheaper rental, you may need to reconsider your location requirements. It goes without saying that seaside villas or near major tourist towns like Florence, Siena or Pisa are more expensive than those in remote rural areas. And yet.., the Tuscan countryside is just as charming and offers a host of wonderful discoveries. Here you'll find a rich local culture, magnificent sunsets, great little restaurants and alleyways to make your followers dream on Instagram! You'll find picturesque, peaceful villages where life is good, breathtaking landscapes, and villas with authentic charm overlooking hills and vineyards.

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Avoid high season, which is 2X more expensive!

For more affordable rates, consider leaving outside the summer season. That's right, prices can be up to half as high in low or mid-season. What's more, you'll enjoy generally mild climate during these periods and avoid the tourist crowds. If you're flexible about your vacation dates, don't hesitate to go in May or September to fully enjoy the charm of Tuscany without spending too much. Autumn is still pleasant and the orange colors in the vineyards are magnificent.

Plan ahead or... at the last minute

Another tip for saving money on your villa rental in Tuscany is plan your stay as early as possible. The earlier you book, the better the offers available. You'll also have access to a wider choice of rentals, especially those that are most in demand, such as villas with swimming pools and breathtaking views.

However, if you're more the type to plan your vacation at the last minute, you should know that last-minute promotions are sometimes offeredespecially in the low season. By regularly checking rental websites, you can find bargains you won't want to miss.

Renting an apartment in a shared villa, the best plan

If you're willing to share, consider renting an apartment rather than an entire villa. That's right, some large villas are divided into several independent apartmentsThis allows owners to maximize their profitability and holidaymakers to benefit from more attractive rates. Of course, you may have to forego the exclusivity of a large garden, but you can still enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and facilities such as the swimming pool.

See our list of apartments in VILLAS with swimming pools !

Shared pool in a villa per cher

Do you really need a swimming pool in May?

As mentioned above, villas with swimming pools are often more expensive to rent. So ask yourself how useful it really is during your vacation in Tuscany. After all, if you leave outside the summer season, the weather may not be mild enough to take full advantage of the pool.. The money saved can be reinvested in cultural or gastronomic visits, rich in memories.

Discover our vacation rentals in Tuscany at the best prices, direct from the owner:

Book online with the owners' partner sites

To find a villa cheap in Tuscany, we also recommend that you book directly with websites working with local owners. These platforms generally offer lower rates than traditional travel agencies, and offer an interesting choice of rentals to suit all budgets.

Village houses without large gardens: cheaper and more charming!

When looking for a cheap villa in Tuscany, don't rule out village houses. They may be small and have no private garden, but they often have a lot of charm and offer excellent value for money. What's more, you'll also find.., living in the heart of a village means you can quickly immerse yourself in local lifemeet the locals and take part in traditional festivities.

Reducing your general expenses is also a lever not to be neglected!

Avoid planes and car rentals: Tuscany's not so far away

For a stay in Tuscany without breaking the bank, also consider opt for less expensive means of transport than air travel (remember to bring your own car if there are lots of you). The train or bus can be an economical way to reach this region. What's more, you can rent a car directly on the spot to avoid the extra cost of renting from France.

Think citypass for your cultural visits

Finally, if cultural visits are an integral part of your program in Tuscany, think citypass, which gives you access to several tourist sites at reduced prices. These passes are often valid for varying lengths of time (24 hours, 48 hours...) and generally cover the main attractions of a city or region.

By following these tips, you can rent a villa in Tuscany at an affordable price. Now all you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy the Italian dolce vita!

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