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For a vacation or a stay in a foreign country, the quality of the accommodation is one of the parameters not to be neglected. It also contributes to the quality of your stay thanks to the comfort provided. Would you like to go to Tuscany soon? Why not opt for the rental of a apart hotel? These new types of housing offer several advantages. To find out more, discover in this article the reasons why you should opt for a apart hotel in Tuscany rather than the rent an apartment in Tuscany or a guest house in Tuscany.

The advantages of an apartment hotel in Tuscany

An aparthotel is a type of accommodation that combines:

  • The comfort of an apartment;
  • The services of a hotel.

For leisure or for business, this type of accommodation is well suited to those who would like accommodation for a few days, a few weeks and even a few months. Unlike the villa in Tuscany who are often isolated, choosing this type of accommodation gives you several important and undeniable advantages.

Garden of a very green aparthotel

Enjoy a larger space

An apartment hotel is designed to allow you to live there as if you were at home. It is indeed a well equipped apartment. The living space is large enough to allow you to stay there day and night. Unlike a hotel where you usually only have a night space. An accommodation of this type has a living room, a well-equipped kitchen, one or more bedrooms and a bathroom. Sometimes a apart hotel in Tuscany can also offer an outdoor terrace and a swimming pool. You can thus independently enjoy your apartment hotel without fearing a lack of space during your stay.

Benefit from a great freedom for the meals

If a hotel has a fixed schedule for meals, this is not the case in an apartment hotel. The meal times are not imposed on you. In fact, the fully-equipped kitchen, which is an integral part of your apartment hotel, allows you to freely arrange your meal times. So you don't have to leave your house if you don't feel like it. You cook your own meals, when you want. This allows you to make substantial savings. In addition, to maintain a balanced diet, you can freely cook meals from home.

Have a la carte services

An aparthotel is also distinguished by the services available to you. So depending on your needs, you will choose services such as:

  • Household chores ;
  • The laundery ;
  • Receiving mail;
  • Rental of a meeting room ;
  • The gym.


apart hotel with Restaurant in Italy

Why rent an aparthotel in Tuscany?

Rent an aparthotel in Tuscany offers you a range of possibilities and advantages. You will enjoy a rich choice of activities during your stay. The following activities are available to you:

  • The golf course;
  • Alpine skiing in winter;
  • Shooting in reserves;
  • Opera and music.

This region is also ideal for enjoying a variety of picturesque landscapes and pleasant climates. If you prefer a stay close to the beach, renting an apartment hotel in Tuscany by the sea is ideal. You will be able to enjoy moments of relaxation and stroll along the many fine sandy beaches of Tuscany. You can visit the beaches of Forte Dei Marmi, Lido Di Camaiore, Golfo di Baratti… Whether in the city or by the sea, it will be an opportunity to enjoy an authentic and pleasant atmosphere.

apartment with view of the tower of pisa

Which cities to book an aparthotel in Tuscany?

Before you book an apartment hotel in Tuscany, you should first of all find out which cities offer good deals on accommodation. So to find an apartment hotel in Tuscany that perfectly meets your expectations, you should visit cities such as :

  • Florence;
  • Pisa;
  • His.

These are must-see towns that offer ideal hotel apartments for quality comfort and also have an exceptional heritage.The Chianti region is also a great choice, thanks to the beauty of its wine-growing landscapes. If you want to enjoy the pleasures of walking by the sea, you can direct your choice to cities such as:

  • Tirrenia;
  • Cecina Mare;
  • Marina di Massa;
  • Marina di Pisa.

In addition to having a wide range of attractions within your reach, in these cities you will have the advantage of finding an apartment hotel that suits you.

What to remember? If your next vacation destination is Italy, an apartment hotel in Tuscany will be one of the best accommodation choices you can make. Don't hesitate to choose a Tuscan city that you like.

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