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Holidaymakers in search of charm and authenticity turn to guest houses. In Italy, this type of accommodation is even more appealing thanks to the friendliness of the locals. Visit guest house in Tuscany is just what you need for a vacation close to nature in an ideal setting. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, find out why here.

Hotels have an impersonal cliché that's not always conducive to relaxation. Guest houses, on the other hand, are much more pleasant and friendly. The welcome you receive is personalized and unique to your hosts. In this type of home, you're not a customer renting, but a relative coming to stay for a while.

You're an important person, so everything is done to make you feel at ease. Some hosts offer you a welcome drink to help you settle in. You can also meet other holidaymakers over a glass of fine wine in one of the property's lounges or gardens. If this proximity bothers you, opt instead for the renting a villa individual.

Another reason why guest houses are so popular is their excellent value for money. You can have all the comforts you need for a pleasant stay. Guest houses provide good quality services:

  • Quality bedding;
  • A set of fresh, clean sheets in the evening;
  • A kitchen ;
  • Television ;
  • A bathroom with or without a bathtub;
  • A wifi connection.

You can also take advantage of facilities such as a swimming pool, wellness center, playgrounds and sports equipment. Additional services such as a guided tour of the region are also available.

Guest house in Tuscany, Italy

The conviviality of a Tuscan guesthouse

A guest house brings a touch of humanity to your stay. In total privacy and comfort, you'll enjoy genuine relaxation. In a relaxed atmosphere, you'll enjoy convivial moments with your hosts and other guests. You no longer need to go to a large campsite if you are looking for human contact during your trips to Tuscany.


If you're traveling alone, you'll have the chance to meet new people and share experiences. You may be able to make discoveries together, go on excursions, visit sites and enjoy your stay. As a family, you can make new friends. However, it's important to find out which type of home is right for you.



Find a house with a great location



In Tuscany, guest houses can be found in beautiful, well-kept settings, perfect for a dream vacation. 



The Italian guesthouse



In agritourism



Agritourism is a type of vacation that favors relaxation close to nature. The aim is to spend time on agricultural estates and discover the inner workings of the field. It's a form of accommodation that also allows you to discover animals, culinary specialities and local produce. In these settings, you're close to the rural population and can adapt to Italian life more easily.



The owners are often on hand to offer you a gentle interlude during your stay. They will share with you their passion for agriculture and their experience in various fields. In other words, you're staying with a new family that offers you the very best for an extraordinary stay. What's more, these properties are usually on wine-growing estates, so you'll be able to taste Italian wine.



guest house in Florence in town



In the heart of the city



Other houses in the heart of the town are also available. Even though they're in the sumptuous towns of Tuscany, you'll always receive a warm welcome. What's more, you can have all the accessories you need for your comfort. These ideally located homes put you close to Tuscany's must-see sights.
If you love the sea, choose a B&B near Punta Ala or Viareggio, the luxurious beaches of northern Tuscany. If you're looking for history, stay near the National Archaeological Museum in Chiusi or discover the magnificent architecture of Italy's cathedrals.



Enjoy the attractions of the cities of Tuscany



Living in a guesthouse in Tuscany means you can easily get to the towns in the region. Many managers now offer excursions, sea trips for water sports or visits to places of interest. They can also guide you to beautiful but lesser-known places to make your stay unforgettable. What's more, prices are very affordable and much lower than hotel costs. This means you can save money and visit more places while you're in Tuscany.



For a peaceful stay in Tuscany, you now know which type of accommodation to choose. By staying in a guesthouse, you can explore Tuscany in detail and discover hidden treasures.

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