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The Tuscany is one of Italy's most charming and picturesque regions, with its beautiful rolling countryside, perched medieval villages and miles of coastline. Travelling in Vespa in Tuscany, through this bucolic region, offers visitors the opportunity to discover all its beauty at a relaxed, intimate pace.

Why rent a Vespa to explore Tuscany?

Choosing a Vespa as a means of transport offers several advantages for those wishing to visit Tuscany:

  • Freedom: Unlike organized tours by car or coach, touring Tuscany on a Vespa allows you to follow your own itinerary and set your own timetable. You can stop wherever you like and spend as much time as you like in each place.
  • Accessibility : the small villages perched on the hills, typical of Tuscany, are often difficult to reach by car, due to their narrow, winding streets. The Vespa, on the other hand, can easily venture into these areas.
  • Economy : the Vespa consumes much less fuel than a car, which translates into considerable savings during your trip.
  • Easy parking : It may seem trivial, but finding a place to park in the densely populated towns and villages of Tuscany can be difficult. The Vespa, being much smaller than a car, offers extra flexibility when it comes to parking.
  • A unique sensation: finally, the sheer pleasure of driving through the Tuscan countryside with the gentle breeze and the scent of cypress trees is unequalled!
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Requirements for renting a Vespa in Tuscany

To rent and drive a Vespa in Italy, you must meet certain conditions:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Have a permit valid driving licence (national or international) for scooters of 50cc or more.
  3. Foreigners must have an international driving license if they are not EU nationals.
  4. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
  5. Respect the Vespa highway code
Vespa motorcycle for hire in an alley in Florence

How do I rent a Vespa in Tuscany?

Many car rental stores and agencies offer the possibility of renting a Vespa in Tuscany. You can also book online before you arrive, which is recommended during the high tourist season.

Here's a small selection FlorenceSiena and Pisa:

  • The Vespa Rent - Toscana In Tour Florence
    Scooter rental service
    Via del Ponte alle Mosse, 154 - Florence
    +39 351 358 6234
  • New Tuscany Scooter Rental Snc
    Via Il Prato, 50Rosso - Florence
    +39 055 538 5045
  • Siena By Vespa
    Via Guccio di Mannaia, 1/3, 53100 Siena SI, Italy
    +39 339 675 8319
  • The Vespa Rent - Toscana In Tour Pisa
    Via della Faggiola, 41, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy
     +39 333 260 2152

Rates vary according to rental duration, Vespa model and any additional equipment you may need (GPS, helmets, anti-theft devices, etc.). You should expect to pay between €35 and €75 per day, depending on power. Note that if you're a city rider, there's no need to take a large-displacement Vespa.
And don't forget the cost of refuelling... a scooter can cover an average of 250km on a full tank.

And don't forget to take out insurance to cover any potential damage you or your Vespa may suffer during your adventures.

Suggested Vespa itineraries in Tuscany

Depending on its location, there are a multitude of itineraries from your vacation rental to enjoy the region with your hair in the wind (well, your helmet in the wind! :-)). We recommend itineraries of less than 150km. Beyond that, it's tiring and you won't get the most out of it.

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Itinerary 1: Florence - Pisa - Lucca - San Gimignano

This itinerary takes you through some of Tuscany's most famous cities. You'll start by exploring Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, before continuing west to Pisa with its famous leaning tower. Then head north to Lucca, a charming town surrounded by perfectly preserved medieval walls. Finally, end your journey with a visit to San Gimignano, a hilltop village known for its high towers and breathtaking views over the Tuscan countryside.

Route 2: Siena - Montepulciano - Pienza - Val d'Orcia

Start this route in the magnificent city of Siena, famous for its annual Palio and its superb shell-shaped Piazza del Campo. Then head east to Montepulciano, famous for its red wines, and Pienza, a small town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Renaissance buildings.

Continue south into the Val d'Orcia area, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The landscapes of this region have inspired many artists for centuries, and you'll quickly understand why as you drive the winding roads through green hills dotted with cypress trees and isolated farmhouses. We also recommend taking a break in this region. wine tasting (no consumption!)

Route 3: Towards the Tuscan coast

If you want to combine your exploration of the Tuscan countryside with a few days' relaxation on the beach, this is the itinerary for you. Start by exploring the interior - you can choose between Florence, Siena or another starting point - then head west towards the coast.

You'll soon reach the Riviera della Versilia, famous for its fine sandy beaches and elegant seaside resorts such as Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi. If you prefer wild, natural landscapes, continue further south to the Maremma, where you'll find miles of unspoilt coastline with dunes, pine forests and hidden coves.

Frequently asked questions :

  • How much time should you allow for a Vespa escapade in Tuscany? 

    We recommend a one-day Vespa rental. You'll be on the road for between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the itinerary you choose and the stops you make. It's advisable to plan ahead and leave enough time for village visits. For this duration, you'll be allocating a round trip of approximately 120km.

  • Is it possible to drive a Vespa in Tuscany without a motorcycle driver's license?

    Yes, you can drive a Vespa in Tuscany without a motorcycle driving license, provided you have a valid car driving license and are at least 18 years old. Rental models are often Vespa 50cc.

  • What type of clothing should I wear when riding a Vespa?

    Obviously, this depends on the season in which you visit Tuscany... but never underestimate the cold (you're standing still in the wind) and sunburn (the wind won't make you feel the burn again). We strongly advise against wearing sandals or flip-flops. Opt for shoes or sneakers.

  • Is there a maximum weight for riding a Vespa?

    A Vespa can carry up to 170kg. This corresponds on average to a maximum of 2 people with a small bag.

  • What equipment do you need for a day on a Vespa in Tuscany? 

    We recommend that you wear comfortable, weatherproof clothing, closed-toe shoes, a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses. It's also advisable to bring a road map or GPS, a bottle of water and a camera for taking photos.

  • Is Vespa driving experience necessary to rent a Vespa in Tuscany?

    Vespa experience is not necessary to rent a Vespa in Tuscany, but it is advisable to be comfortable driving a two-wheeler and to know the rules of the road in Italy. Some rental agencies may require a valid motorcycle driving license or prior training to drive a Vespa. It's important to check requirements before booking.

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