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Would you like to take a romantic getaway, enjoy the many benefits of a spa treatment or simply discover charming spa towns to escape the bad weather? Tuscany is brimming with magnificent destinations that will satisfy all your desires. Here are the 7 must-visit towns in this Italian region for a Thalasso / well-being getaway.

1. Saturnia, the emblematic spa town

Saturnia is undoubtedly most famous and picturesque spa town of Tuscany. Known for its steaming waterfalls and natural pools, such as the Cascate del Mulino and Cascate del Gorello, it offers waters at a constant temperature of 37.5°C, ideal for a moment of relaxation. The town has also developed a veritable spa industry, with several wellness centers dotted around the region.

Advantage : Saturnia's warm waters are renowned for their therapeutic and relaxing properties.

2. Montecatini Terme, Tuscan elegance and charm

Situated between Pistoia and Florence, Montecatini Terme is one of the world's largest Italy's great spa towns. In addition to its natural springs and man-made thermal baths, Montecatini Terme is a town of exceptional beauty. Its charm is due in particular to the elegant architectural style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Advantage : The city boasts a vast spa park housing nine large treatment centers, offering modern facilities in Art Nouveau buildings.

3. Chianciano Terme, a place of relaxation since Roman times

With its Silene springs, Chianciano Terme has been attracting visitors thanks to the medicinal properties of its waters since Roman times. The town's main spa centers include Acqua Santa, Acqua Fucoli, Acqua Sillene, Acqua Santissima and Acqua Sant'Elena, each offering different therapeutic treatments for a variety of health problems.

Advantage : In addition to medical treatments, the city offers numerous salons, spas and other beauty centers to pamper you.

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4. Bagno Vignoni, a picturesque and relaxing destination

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Bagno Vignoni is another spa town not to be missed for its beautiful scenery and relaxing hot springs. The baths at Bagno Vignoni offer a unique unique relaxation experience thanks to their mineral-rich thermal waters.

Advantage : The town offers an idyllic setting to enjoy the benefits of its thermal waters in complete serenity.

5. Venturina, Etruscan heritage in the service of health

In the Livorno region, Venturina has Etruscan origins. Its waters, whose temperature remains constant, are particularly beneficial for treating respiratory problems, as well as mud- and water-based therapies.

Advantage : In addition to its therapeutic treatments, Venturina also offers inhalation and hydrotherapy treatments.

6. Casciana Terme, sparkling, revitalizing relaxation

Casciana Terme is a popular destination for its lightly sparkling mineral waters, which soothe the skin and promote relaxation. The town's thermal waters flow at a constant temperature of 35.7°C and are renowned for their healing properties.

Advantage : Casciana Terme's revitalizing and soothing mineral waters offer a true moment of well-being.

7. Equi Terme, a getaway in the heart of the Apuan Alps

Close to the Pizzo d'Uccello, one of the most impressive peaks in the Apuan Alps, Equi Terme is an ideal destination for those seeking to recharge their batteries in an exceptional natural setting. Equi Terme's thermal waters are recommended for treating a variety of health problems, including respiratory ailments, skin problems and joint pain.

Advantage : The combination of the virtues of the thermal waters and the beauty of the surrounding countryside make this an unforgettable destination.

Tuscany offers a number of small spa towns where you can enjoy top-quality spa treatments, whether as a couple, with your family or simply to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation after a difficult period. Each town has its own particularities and assets to offer you a relaxing and revitalizing stay.

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