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Over 200 superb vacation villas with swimming pools!

If you want to experience the Italian art of living, Puglia is the ideal place to drop anchor. And why not stop off in renting a villa in Puglia? In addition to its famous "Trullos", this wonderful seaside region is one of nature's masterpieces. To take full advantage of this Italian gem, it's best to rent a villa in one of its magnificent towns or countryside. Here's what you need to know about this economical and practical way to go on vacation.

Discover our vacation rentals in Puglia at the best prices, directly with the owner:

First of all, let's talk about stays and holidays in Italy and only answer what 90% of our Internet users ask us: a list of houses for rent! Without further ado: here is our finest selection of Villas in Puglia (for 9 to 12 people) from our catalog of more than 240 beautiful vacation rentals. We're sure to find your next vacation rentals in Puglia !

Truli rental with pool in Puglia

How do I find the ideal vacation rental in Puglia?

Here are the steps to help you find your next vacation rental:

A. Determine the number of adults, childrens (2 to 12 years) and babies (under 2 years)

Your search will be closely linked to the structure of the accommodation: number of rooms, number of beds, etc. We have accommodation for 2 people as well as for groups of 40.

B. Determine a date range that's right for you

By setting yourself a start and end datesOur search engine will only suggest houses, apartments and villas available on these dates. Please note that in high season (July and August), the majority of rentals in Tuscany are only available from Saturday to Saturday (7 days)

C. Specify your preferences (type of accommodation, swimming pool, rural or urban...)

The type of accommodation doesn't have to be mentioned in your search, but you may have a preference for an apartment, an apartment in a group of apartments, a private house, etc.

If you want to enjoy your pool alone, you'll need to mention that your pool must be private, for example. The same applies to a whole series of details that may or may not be important to you, such as: air conditioning, barbecue, dishwasher, nearby restaurants, etc.

Obviously, all these criteria of size, options and date will vary the price.

D. Set a region (optional)

Puglia is a large region stretching from north to south on the heel of Italy's "boot". From Foggia to Lecce, via Bari.

Superb villa in trulli rental in Puglia

Choosing between town and country: Where to stay in Puglia?

The ApuliaThis picturesque region of southern Italy is famous for its geographical diversity. Whether you opt for a villa in the city or in the more peaceful countryside, each offers a unique atmosphere and unforgettable experiences. Urban living in cities such as Bari or Lecce offers the advantage of being at the heart of Italian culture and entertainment, with easy access to restaurants, museums and other services. In contrast, opting for the countryside will allow you to enjoy the tranquility of olive groves and vineyards, ideal for a true rest in nature. Rentals in the countryside are often typical masserias, large, comfortable renovated farmhouses combining historic charm with modern amenities.

The perfect villa: Swimming pool or not?

When it comes to choosing a villa in Puglia, the option of a swimming pool can completely transform your vacation experience. A villa with pool offers not only added luxury but also relaxation and entertainment for the whole family. It's a private escape on hot summer days. If your preference is for outdoor activities away from the property, such as cultural visits or hiking, a villa without a pool might better suit your needs while also being potentially more economical.

Sizing your villa

How many people? Number of rooms required

Determining the size of the property is crucial. For family vacations or with a group of friends, a large villa with several bedrooms may be ideal. Typically, villas in Puglia offer spacious communal areas as well as private facilities to comfortably accommodate from 4 to 10 or more people. Make sure each couple or family has its own room, considering options with enough bathrooms to guarantee privacy and comfort for all guests.

Puglia Region: Attractions and sites not to be missed

Exploring Puglia, you'll discover a rich blend of culture, history and natural landscapes. Be sure to visit Alberobello with its distinctive trulli, the magnificent beaches of the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, and the Baroque architectural gems of Lecce. Sites such as Castel del Monte and the mystical Castellana grotto will also enrich your stay. These destinations offer incredible insights into Italy's heritage and natural beauty.

Culinary discovery: Local Apulian specialities

Puglia's cuisine is famous for its fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. Among the regional specialties, you must try orecchiette, a typical form of pasta often served with rapini or a tasty tomato sauce. Altamura bread, burrata cheese and local olive oil are must-tries that illustrate the refined simplicity of Puglia's gastronomy. During your stay, visit the local markets to sample freshly caught seafood and engage in an olive oil tasting to experience an authentic immersion in Puglian culture.

  • Orecchiette with rapini
  • Burrata cheese
  • Puglia extra virgin olive oil

Contact a local rental service

To find the perfect villa in Puglia, we recommend contacting local agencies specializing in vacation rentals. They'll not only provide you with a wide range of options, but also invaluable advice to help you choose the best property for your specific needs, whether it's close to the sights or secluded in the quiet countryside.
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